What is Evolutionary Mentology

Human history in the period of civilization has witnessed two main streams of frameworks and models of changing man and society. The first stream was of religion-based social reform which used the tools of dogmatic ideas to reform the behavior of individuals and their social …

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Universal Logic Process

Since the period of civilization commenced, a natural inclination of the human mind has been to ask questions about the origins and working of our observable universe or Nature and look for rational and tangible answers and explanations. Connected to these questions …

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Mental Processes

What is the mind or a mental process? Is it just the brain or something more? How and why it emerged as a phenomenon in Nature? And how does it arise from the brain processes? What is the nature and extent of the involvement of genes in the making and functioning of the mind?

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Human Evolution

Can we understand human evolution during the period of civilization only through the Darwinian framework and its various off shoots? Are we still evolving or did our evolution come to an end with the formation of our existing physiological and mental form? Is there a need for further …

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Intelligent Mental Evolution

The transition from our existing unintelligently formed gene-based mental operating system (or genetic mind) to a consciously engineered intellect-based mind (post-genetic mind) cannot become a reality merely by having abstract ideas about it. Hence the theoretical framework …

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Contemporary Renaissance

Contemporary civilization based on the liberal post-industrial capitalist model of social organization and its numerous variants has reached a stage in history where it has almost exhausted all possible applications of its core economic, political and socio-cultural  …

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